Saturday, September 4, 2010

Family time is the best time

I guess it's true when people say you realize things you take for granted when you lose them. My mom came to visit me last week from AZ and it was the best few days ! Whenever I see mothers and daughters together it makes me realize how I took that for granted on a number of occasions.
We saw Brett graduate from his orientation at Mass Maritime, moved my stuff into my dorm, spent time at the beach with Brett, my cousin Vanessa, and my grandparents. It was good to have her back and to finally get Brett back at the same time. Family time should never be taken for granted and I have DEFINITELY learned that with my parents moving to AZ.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A visit with my mini- me!

I am so bad at keeping this blog updated, but i'm trying now that I take many pictures with my new camera!
A few days after my birthday Chelsea and Lisa came to visit me at the Cape. We originally planned to hang by the beach, but it ended up being a rainy day off- what does that mean ? Shopping! Something I told myself I would stay away from this summer yet it hasn't really worked .

New favorite cupcake place? Cupcake Charlie's in Mashpee. AMAZING. Also throughout the shopping day I fell in love with another store-- Ulta. We spent over an hour looking at beauty products!