Thursday, June 30, 2011


The last few weeks I have grown to learn a lot more about myself. Sometimes you start to sacrifice your own happiness just because you think it will benefit others around, or simply because you don't want to take the harder road. People grow and sometimes not necessarily together, but the key is to make sure your happiness is looked at.

I have learned through everything though, that it is best to be honest with yourself and those around you. If you have to ultimately sacrifice that happiness, you won't gain everything you want out of life. It doesn't mean that you start spewing hate to those around you, but you simply move on and enjoy the memories you have and know that it is OK to keep those memories in the past and be able to move in in the future. Living life with no regrets is how I anticipate to continue living.. Going through a breakup can be hard and I find comfort in knowing I have great memories with a person who was once my best friend, but that I will eventually find something that will make me over the top happy.


This week I picked up this book by Bethenny Frankel. It talks about breaking the chain, and 10 rules to gain everything you want to out of life. I have not been so wrapped up in a book, ever. Coming from a horrible childhood, she never used it to get her down or look for excuses or sympathy. She prevails and takes charge. We are all human and make mistakes and it is up to us to be in charge of our futures. I have been lucky to grow up fortunate with great parents who are by my side and will always be. I am so thankful for coming out to Arizona for the summer to really get to know myself more and to understand what life IS all about. To get back to how it was when I was single and loving life, anxiety free.


What's my happiness? Spending time with girlfriends- frozen yogurt, shopping, getting pedicures. Taking me time. Doing things I never thought I could do. Being responsible for my future and eliminating the negativity. Surrounding myself with people who want the best for me and love me for me.

I really can't believe that the summer is basically half over. It's shocking. My brother is coming out to visit in a few weeks and I can't wait. I have a lot to be thankful for and I feel truly blessed with everyone around me.

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